Test for a directory if it doesn't exist create it and move a file into the directory

I have an old VB6 Program that would take a list of files, loop through the list and move the files into subfolders based upon the first 2 characters in the file name. If a corresponding directory did not exist for the first 2 digits the program would create the directory and then move the files.

I am using Visual Basic 2008 Express

So basically I have a subdirectory named c:\ypm with the following files.


I want to end up with a subdirectory c:\ypm as follows:

Rick RudolphAsked:
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Direcory di = new Directory("c:\ypm")
Foreach FileInfo fi in di.getfiles()
If Not Directory.Exists(fi.FileName.Substring(0,2))

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Note: Above code is not tested ..but the actual version of code must be a similar or a bit modified version of the same.
Rick RudolphAuthor Commented:
Wasn't a complete solution, but gave me enough information to research a total solution.
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