Maintaining desktop shortcuts after GPO start menu applied on TS server

Hi all,

I have a Server 2008 TS server with a GPO on a server 2008 DC created to lock it down and use redirection. I have My Docs, Desktop, and Start Menu redirection enabled pointing to my file server. For My Docs and Desktop each person has their own root folder. For Start menu everyone is pointed to the same one so they can only see the  same programs. Right now, on the desktop after the GPO is applied are the desktop shortcuts i  created in the Public Desktop folder and everyone can see them when they log in and cannot delete them. Now, my problem is that in order for me to make users see the programs they can only on the Start Menu i have to apply the "Remove common progams fron start menu" GPO and once i do and user logs in it works like a charm and they have a restricted start menu BUT, all my Desktop shortcuts from Public Desktop are now gone but still under that folder. Apparently the above setting made them go away. So what I want to do is keep the Start Menu the way it is and have the Public Desktop still showing. If it cant work, i have to create the shortcuts for every user in their redirected Desktop folder. Any ideas? Thanks,
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Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Honestly, your easiest answer will be to create a login script to look for the appearance of those .lnk, .url, etc files on the personal (not public) desktop and copy them to it if they are missing.  I know this isn't an idea solution, but it is fairly easy to script with a simple if/then type clause.
forums712Author Commented:
Hi DrUltima do you have any examples?
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Sorry... Was in training this week and had limited access to EE.  Would you prefer your login scripts to be in a batch file or in VBScript?
forums712Author Commented:
havent worked much with vbscript so batch file might be good or if you can give both and i can try both? Thanks!!
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
How about instead I give you the logic to use, then you can modify as needed:
Now, in BATCH, you don't have to go the route of an IF THEN ELSE type of structure:
In BATCH, you COULD structure it more like an IF THEN ELSE type structure, like this
XCOPY "\\sourceserver\sourceshare\SHORTCUT.LNK" "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\SHORTCUT.LNK"
Note that here the :ENDIF is arbitrary.  It could be any label at all, and in fact would need to be different if you use this logic more than once in the batch file.

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