Black Berry Enterprise server Express Installation


I am trying to install BlackBerry  enterprise Server express  I am doing the  Pre-installation Check list and I get a Enable to find collaboration Data object ( CDO.dll), Microsoft Exchange server detected MAPI Version. 1.0.2536.  went to MS and download and install MAPI 6.5 after reading I found out Exchange 2007 does not use MAPI. when I tried to install MAPI I get a message
Messaging API and collaboration DATA Object 1.2.1cannot be installed with microsoft outlook.
any idea how can I install MAPI? anybody else have seen this ?

I am running server 2008 and exchange 2007
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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you're better off installing the blackberry server on a completely unrelated machine, with outlook on it, and point it at the exchange server.

having outlook on the exchange server is a really bad idea and will lead to a lot of problems

note:  BES can run just fine on XP too, as long as it can contact the exchange server
byron - I think just like you do, but I keep seeing BlackBerry state over and over again to install the Enterprise Server Express on the Exchange server.

I remember installing the old (but my current) Professional Server software on a stand alone server and I practically had to install Exchange 2K3 on it to get it everything it needed to connect.

I'm going to try intalling BESE on a standalone and see if it connects to my new Exchange 2K10 without all the hassle...maybe I'll be pleasantly suprised?
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