Looking for a website with sharepoint tutorial videos (Not basic videos). Any suggestions?

I found this paid site:


Any one used them?

I am ready to pay a reasonable amount since my new role will involve using and customizing sharepoint sites. And I find videos as a great way of learning.
I dont want the basic stuff since I am pretty familiar with sharepoint basics. I want to learn more about sharepoint designer ,customizing sharepoint, infopath integration and workflows.

I would appreciate any recommendations. Looking for sites with good video demonstrations like the one that I found.
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RaphilassConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The sharepoint SDK's are also very good and have video tutorials. Although videos are often easier to follow,  there are also some very good written tutorials with screenshots, don't discount them - they have saved my bacon often enough ;)
darthvader747Author Commented:
Thanks Bhaumik.

Although this is really helpful, I was looking for videos on more advanced topics such as site customization using sharepoint designer, workflow creating examples, using infopath with sharepoint, use of calculated fields etc.

The site I found (http://www.sharepoint-videos.com/) , although paid, has videos on these topics as well.

Wanted to know if there were more sites like this?

Thanks for your help so far.
darthvader747Author Commented:
Good resources!
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