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Dear Experts,
   Can anybody teach me,how can i use from clause query and transaction triggers in oracle
forms.Iam currently working in oracle 10g.

Thanks & regards,

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mohsajdiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oracle forms has a vast numbers of triggers,

You can go to site,

Forums for oracle forms are there which can help you a lott.

Helena MarkováConnect With a Mentor programmer-analystCommented:
You can also read "Guidelines for Choosing Block Data Sources" topic in the forms on-line help.

The main difference between FROM clause and transactional triggers is that transactional trigger block datasource can be used for DML and FROM clause not.

Using a FROM clause as a block datasource is similar to using an updateable join-view as a block datasource. However, a FROM clause provides more control, because the presence of a DBA is not required to define the view. You should note that the FROM clause produces results that are identical to an updateable join-view from the client side, but that there is no defined view on the server.

Transactional triggers are typically used when Oracle Forms is running against a non-ORACLE datasource. When transactional triggers are used, Oracle Forms default functionality is replaced.A transactional trigger block datasource can be used for both query and DML. Array processing is not supported.
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