Restoring Ghost Image using DVD

Dear Experts,

I am aware of Norton Ghost. Till date incase I have problem with the PC's in my office I used to put bootable disk in floppy drive and boot system using PC Dos. Then to re-store image I select the D partition in HDD of computer to bring C drive back to normal.

But this consumes HDD space. I now want to use DVD procedure, that I take backup of normal running PC on a DVD using Norton Ghost 2003. Now incase of failure I use first bootable CD of norton Ghost and then the ghost screen comes I insert the DVD image into CD rom and point to the image in CD to load into C drive of computer. I want to know is this possible?

Please guide me for steps if I am wrong?

Consider a second case where my image is residing on a shared folder in a computer. Now on a PC I want to restore that image which is in shared folder. After booting from bootable CD using PC Dos, how I can specify for shared location on network so that image is re stored over network

Waiting for your replies.

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emilgasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have your ghost image ready? if you do then create another Boot DVD just like the one you have except this time during the Boot DVD creation process include the Ghost Image.
When you go through the Boot Disk Wizard steps somewhere towards the end it will give you an option to include other files or folders. That's where you include your image and it will be added to your Boot DVD.
After this it's simple just point your ghost image source to the drive letter of you CD-Rom drive and it will pick up the image from there when you try to reimage the system next time.
Hello Wajeeh,

Once you have booted into ghost you can re-image from any media such as an external hdd, usb drive or dvd.

You can re-image from a network, but you need ghost cast to do this so that the image can be "broadcasted" to the client machine.

I hope this helps.
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