Change MTU on a Nokia 5800

Hi. I've a Nokia 5800 and I connect it via Wifi to my wireless router. A few days ago any site except google sites would'nt open on my laptop connected to the same router. After searching a lot I found out that the solution was to change the MTU on my WinXP laptop to 1454. Did that, and everything was okay. But I'm not able to connect to the wireless network on my Nokia 5800. Is there any utility with which I can change the MTU for a Symbian S60v5 phone? The default MTU on these phones is 1500.
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domin8rConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well Google to the rescue. Googled for "s60v5 advanced network settings" and got a fantastic app called "NetworkAcc Symbian Edition". Tweaked my network settings, and now the WiFi works!
File:  tcpip.ini

daemons= dnd
filename= z:\sys\bin\dnd.exe
metric= 0
mtu= 16384
maxholdtime= 90
ipv4linklocal= 3
tcp_alignopt= 1
tcp_recv_buf= 65535

File:  genericnif.ini

tsyname= PhoneTsy
reqtrafficclass= 1
mintrafficclass= 1
reqdeliveryorderreqd= 1
mindeliveryorderreqd= 1
reqdelivererroneoussdu= 1
mindelivererroneoussdu= 1
reqmaxsdusize= 0
minacceptablemaxsdusize= 0
reqmaxuplinkrate= 0
reqmaxdownlinkrate= 0
minacceptuplinkmaxrate= 0
minacceptdownlinkmaxrate= 0
reqber= 1
maxber= 1
reqsduerrorratio= 1
maxsduerrorratio= 1
reqtraffichandlingpriority= 1
mintraffichandlingpriority= 1
reqtransferdelay= 0
maxtransferdelay= 0
reqguaranteeduplinkrate= 0
reqguaranteeddownlinkrate= 0
minguaranteeduplinkrate= 0
minguaranteeddownlinkrate= 0
# reqsignallingindication: 0 - False, 1 - True
reqsignallingindication= 0
reqsourcestatisticsdescr= 0
mtuvalue= 1400

Change MTU and save files in "private\101F7989\esock\"

If this will not help you will have to cook FW to change MTU

domin8rAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment, szakalit. I'll have to try this when I get home... just one quick question.. do I just save these files in the folder, and they'll be autoloaded or do I need to add these files and then install them manually?
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domin8rAuthor Commented:
Ok so this didn't work... also I think this solution works for Symbian S60v3 phones... I've been looking for a solution to this, and on the Nokia forums someone said that this can be fixed with a Python script... Any suggestions?
The solution is to change the MTU on the router instead. Then you won't have to change it on the devices connected to the router. Most routers have a web based admin utility that will allow you to change the MTU.
What model router do you have?
domin8rAuthor Commented:
@strung: The router is a Nokia Siemens. Changing the MTU on the router is not possible, because the router only takes MTU from 576 to 1492.
I thought you wanted to change the MTU to 1454. 1454 is between 576 and 1492. Why can't you change it on the router rather than on everything that connects to the router?
domin8rAuthor Commented:
I can change it to 1454 on the router, and I can change it to 1492 on the router as well. But I couldn't change the MTU of the phone anything from 1500, hence the question here.
If you change the router to 1454, you wouldn't have to change the phone.
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