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Override IE group policy settings.


Could I override Internet Explorer 7 settings applied via GPO with other IE settings from another GPO?.

I've linked two IE GPOs to the same OU, the first one (GPO-A) is applied to every user within the OU but the second one (GPO-B) is only applied to a few users, as just those users are the only ones who have permissions for GPO-B.

I'd like that GPO-B overrides GPO-A settings, I don't want a mix of them.

Due to internal reasons, we have to maintain every single user in the same OU.

Thank you.
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B HCommented:
the "user" OU gpo's are applied last, and will override the previously applied gpo's

as long as you configure all the settings in the users OU that you want to override, that should work.

you can create an additional OU, put a security group in there, add certain users to that group, and link the gpo to that... that way you dont have to mess with permissions
Well You can do the following:

1. Goto gpmc console and select the ou you have applied policy too.
2. Single click on GPO-A policy.
3. Goto right side of pane and in bottom half you can see option to ignore some users in OU that policy will be applied to.
4. Similarly goto GPO-B and configure it for only following users similar to step above.

It should resolve problem
JorgeSimarroVillarAuthor Commented:
GPO-A have to be applied to everbody as it has settings that have nothing to do with IE, and it has to remian so.

I'm just want to know if IE settings within a GPO can override those ones off another GPO when both GPO's are applied at the same OU.

Thank you.
So just select GPO-B and in the bottom half of right pane configure the user to which it will be applied to or it wont be applied to...

So GPO-B wont be applied/applied to specified users only and will override GPO-A.

Try it.

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