Install apache, php, j2sdk, tomcat, mysql, myodbc, phpmyadmin

I have assigned a job of installing and configuring windows vista for supporting JSP and PHP should work with mysql.
how to go about it. Any step by step guidance is much appreciated.
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choiceforyouConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suggest you look into xampp

They provide a tomcat addon which integrates within Apache, PHP & MySQL installation of xampp. You can use the tomcat as stand alone or as application server behind apache web server.

This setup can server PHP & JSP pages at same time. This is the easiest setup.

If you want to go for advance way, I will suggest to go with Resin Resin is a application server. Same like tomcat. If you have Apache, PHP & MySQL already configured, you can install and configure the Resin with existing setup of AMP and server PHP & JSP pages.

I hope this helps you.
karunamoorthyAuthor Commented:
hai ram_trb,
This link you said above gives configuring php mysql and apache. That part I crossed already. but my problem is to configure apache tomcat jsp and mysql also should work along with php instllation. Any help please.
karunamoorthyAuthor Commented:
the solution given is partially complete.
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