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1) I'm having some problems when I create a subdomain but I think it's an ip problem so I'm wondering how and if I can use a proxy server situated in the states to navigate to a subdomain I just created.

I just created this subdomain but I can't see it and it simply states server not found:

The tech from my hosting company can see it and he also used a proxy server. It's not a caching problem because I opened safari and this subdomain was not cached yet. I'll have to try a reboot and see if that works but I'd rather than not keep rebooting everytime I create a subdomain though.

2) The other related question is can I use a proxy server from a particular city in the states like Seattle, WA or Boston, MA? If so, how? Are there free ones and paid ones? What's the difference between a free and paid proxy server surfing?

Much thanks,
Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAsked:
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David S.Commented:
If you just created it, then it may take a few hours for the new DNS record to be propagated to the many DNS servers on the web. I find it odd that the tech from your hosting company didn't mention that.

It seems to be working now, so since it has been several hours since you posted this, I expect that's all it was.

The main difference between free and paid proxies is that free proxies are usually slower.

Finding proxies in specific locations can be difficult.

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Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hi Kravimir,

I guess you wouldn't know of any paid proxy servers that I can use which will allow surfing from specific regions. If not a local specific region proxy server (like Boston, MA proxy server) but then, at least, a US-based proxy server. I do some SEO work and sometimes I find it's helpful to see the results from a local ip address and my client sees different results than I do.

I'm browsing from Germany in Europe without a proxy, and I can access your subdomain without a problem.

Normal free web proxies are a major pain, and mostly not even worth the time spent looking for them. When I need a anonymous and secure connection, I use AnchorFree's Hotspot Shield (, which is a free service for up to 10 GB of traffic per month. It creates a VPN tunnel between your workstation and a server in the states (mainly californian, if I remember well) that your traffic is routed through. You are then browsing with a US IP at reasonable speed.
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