Wireless device not detected

On my XP laptop, I had difficulties with a VPN, so I disabled some of my network connections, particularly those for Deterministic Network Enhancer.  Ever since, I cannot access wireless networks or use my Verizon VZAccess device.  I keep getting messages that the wireless device cannot be detected, or "Make sure your wireless switch is turned on".  The wireless device is Broadcom 802.11g Network Adaptor, and the properties say everything is working.  The updat routine says I have the latest driver.
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HVHSTechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try deleting the wireless driver from the device manager and then do a complete restart
Right click my computer ---> properties---->hardware tab---->device manager----> make sure there are no yellow question marks by your wireless device.

if so you need to download the drivers from the manufacturer's website

do you have the wireless icon in the bottom right hand corner?
    please conform that wireless service start or not if not start so please start and chek=ck it.
 might be problem is hardware.
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Is you wireless card enabled ? If it is enabled try disabling it and re-enabling it also did you try to uninstalling  and reinstalling the wireless drivers ? Do you have third party application handling your wireless settings ?  If its a HP laptop, did you check the wireless assistant manager to see if wireless it turned on.
fhcdaverAuthor Commented:
There are no yellow marks
The device manager tells me I have the latest driver
The wireless service is running
I have disabled and enabled the wireless card
It is an Acer laptop and the wireless previously worked well for years until I messed around with the Device Manager settings.
The wireless switch is a lighted button on the front, and it is just blinking continuausly, which usually means it is looking for a signal.  However, the Wireless network manager shows no networks in the area, no matter wherever I take it.  The same happens with the Verizon air card.
fhcdaverAuthor Commented:
Simple, but effective.  Full marks.
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