SonicWALL Email Security 200

We have inherited a SonicWALL email Security 200 appliance, but not the password to get in to it. After confirming that the client does not have the PW, and trying every password they have ever used & SonicWALL defaults, it’s clear we have to reset it back to factory settings and start over.
How do we reset it back to factory?  
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You have to hold in the reset button on the front of that box while plugging it in.  After about 10 seconds release the reset button.  Next go to your browser and go to and you will be prompted to load the firmware.  You will need to have the new firmware before doing all of this.  
I'm familiar with the SW appliances but not this one.  Additionally, there doesn't seem to be ANY documentation on this.  What I've been able to piece together is this:

Connect Keyboard and Mouse to ES 300 and reboot the machine. On power cycle, you should see something like Hit any Key for GRUB menu. Hit a key to enter the GRUB boot menu (be careful to not hit the key repeatedly since it will then just select the first item from the GRUB listing).

This should show you a list of choices:

SonicWALL MFL [Verbose Startup Mode]
SonicWALL Authentication Reset
SonicWALL Safe Mode

Choose "SonicWALL Authentication Reset".

This will reset the password and username to default admin/password. Now you can log in at the CLI prompt and restore to factory defaults.

I'm not familiar with the CLI at this point so you'll have to us the help at the command line to determine the next step.  I've read that the following command is used to reset to factory defaults: "ReinitializeToFactorySettings", but this is unsubstantiated.

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Ok, I goofed up.  I told you about the wrong product.  Here is the info directly from snwl knowledge base.
If appliance:

Please note that this procedure will only affect firmware versions 6.x and up

1)         Connect a Monitor and a keyboard (PS2) directly to the appliance

2)         Reboot the appliance and keep pressing “TAB” button several times while the appliance is booting up

3)         You will be presented with FOUR options.

4)         Select the option which will read SNWL Authentication Reset.

5)         When this option is highlighted go ahead and hit return.

6)         This will run through the rest of the grub boot loader and reboot the box.

7)         Go ahead and bring up the web browser and login to the web interface, (Default Username: admin, Password: password)


If software:

1)         Locate the accounts.xml file.

2)         This is usually located in the data directory.

3)         Rename this file, something with .old extension will suffice.

4)         Restart SES services. (Apache Tomcat Service)

5)         Check to see if the accounts.xml file has been recreated.

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ics-pcAuthor Commented:
You both nailed it, and saved my a**.

Digi - the CLI command line was correct. Reset it back to factory. Now to set the thing up again.

No problem.  Glad we could help!
Oh, and thanks for the points!
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