Shell Script for Copy Files and and append modified date

Dear All,

I've asked similar question for Windows and Mac, but I need the same thing for linux.

I need a shell script for this :

I have a folder that contain several files, for example Folder A with 3 files : Susan.log, Mitch.log, Bryan.log. OS : Windows XP

I want to copy those 3 files to folder B, but I need when copied the file name will append date time with format : yyyymmdd. With the yyyymmdd is fetched from the modified date of those 3 files.

File in Source Folder         Modified Date               The result of copy in Folder B
=================        ==============         =============================
Susan.log                           23-March-2010            20100323-Susan.log
Mitch.log                             18-Dec-2009                20091218-Mitch.log
Bryan.log                            7-Dec-2008                 20081207-Bryan.log

Please give me the SH file for these results : copy files from folder A to Folder B, with the files name including the modified date of the corresponding files.
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cp A/Susan.log  B/`date --date '23-March-2010' +%Y%m%d`-Susan.log
cp A/Mitch.log  B/`date --date '18-Dec-2009' +%Y%m%d`-Mitch.log
cp A/Bryan.log  B/`date --date '7-Dec-2008' +%Y%m%d`-Bryan.log
softblessAuthor Commented:
I need the script to scan all the files in that folder then copied + append the modified date. Could you complete the script?
Append modified date of each file?

cd A; for i in *;do d=`ls -l $i | awk '{print $6, $7, $8}'`; cp $i ../B/`date --date "$d" +%Y%m%d`-$i; done; cd -

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Shell Scripting

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