Windows 7 and printer driver path

Hello all

is there any way that i can tell windows 7 to also look for printer drivers at \\sername\drivers\ ?
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tuantdm5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Extracted from =

To configure Windows to Search Additional Folders for Device Drivers
1.Start Registry Editor. Click Start, and in the Start Search box type regedit.

2.If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Yes.

3.Navigate to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version

4.In the details pane, double-click DevicePath.

5.Add additional folder paths to the setting, separating each folder path with a semi-colon. Ensure that %systemroot%\inf is one of the folders included in the value.

Do not remove %systemroot%\inf from the DevicePath registry entry. Removal of that folder can break device driver installation.

Additional considerations
You can include paths using:
-Drive letters and folders, such as c:\foldername
-Environment variables, such as %systemdrive%\foldername
-Network paths, such as \\server\share
-The list you specify must be on one line, with each folder separated by a semi-colon.
Are you hinting towards an answer file for SIM?
EfrenMAuthor Commented:
i would like it beyond the sysprep, so after the sysprep lets say two months down the road a user plugs in a printer and by default windows will look for the drivers locally, but i want it to also look for the drivers on a server a tell it to.
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You can prepare a netwrork map drive for the UNC you specified,,,

And tell in printer wizard to look into that drive.

to prepare a network drive on my computer screen goto tools- map network drive....browse for UNC and create a virtual network mapped drive.

I guess it should help
Aj8787, I think he wants a shoot and forget kind of deal, rather than a manual process. Unless there's a registry path to the drivers path I can't see any other solutions than the ones provided.
Well network drives in windows 7 are permanent drives and stay till you manually remove them...

so he can always include them in the search everytime he wants...Plus network drive show path with the drive letter so yeah not a temp solution i guess,.

Registry path is bit advanced but promisable
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