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I’m attempting to add items to the menu bar in AutoCAD 2009 - my users want to stick with the menu bar rather than use the updated interface (we’re going from 2002 to 2009).

Anyway, I need to add a menu (let’s call it Primary) that contains, among other things, access to additional  menus that will be able to ‘swap out’ with each other. The Primary menu will be located in the menu bar’s first slot (e.g. Primary | File | Edit | etc.).

Primary will contain, among other entries, a ‘Reset Menu’ command, and at least two entries labeled, for the sake of explanation, Secondary1, and Secondary2.

When AutoCAD opens, the first item the user sees on the menu bar is Primary (followed by File, Edit, etc.).  The user then might expand Primary and select Secondary1, at which point Secondary1 appears on the menu bar between Primary and File (e.g. Primary | Secondary1 | File | Edit | etc.). The user can then return to Primary and select Secondary2, at which point Secondary1 is replaced by Secondary2 on the menu bar, and so on. Primary also contains a command that ‘resets’ the menu bar so that the active Secondary menu disappears, restoring the menu bar to its original appearance (Primary | File | Edit etc).

Is there a way to do this in 2009 that does not require LISP or writing a complicated macro?
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grifsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the workspace feature to do this.  Setup your Cui with your menu structure, then save a workspace.  Repeat until you have all the workspaces you need.  You can then call your custom workspaces from your menu if you wish by creating a custom command.  In this case it could be (WSCURRENT "Secondary1") or (WSCURRENT "Secondary2").  
tsynnottAuthor Commented:
You nailed it - Thanks!
tsynnottAuthor Commented:
Nailed it!!!
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