Recovering a Pages document (Mac OSX Snow Leopard)

Hey everyone,

I have a friend who had a previously saved Pages document, then opened it up and did a lot of editing to it. Upon saving it, Pages crashed. I asked her to restart the computer and look in the Trash bin for a Recovered Files go.

Any ideas/tricks on how we could get this file or at least a rough version of it? Thanks!
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It would not be in the trash bin.   The only prayer she would have is if she never powered up that machine, and then did a read-only mount of the HDD in another computer.   If she knows some ascii text that would be in the spreadsheet, then she could write a shell script to enumerate the directory tree and cat all the files, piping through the strings command and grepping for the text.

She should also sudu as su so she can access all the files on the system.  

(If you have another mac, and the right cabling you can open the disk and mount it in another computer by enabling target mode to do this, but the keystroke sequence varies depending on the model of machine)

But vital, if she has run this system for any amount of time, since the loss, then odds of recovery are near zero.

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What am I thinking?!!! Sorry,  this is an OSX thread, not a shell script thread (been working on a now 3000+ line script last few days that is driving me a bit bonkers, so have my geek hat on).

Apologies.  The answer is, unless the system has been powered off since the data loss, and your friend has access to an experienced UNIX programmer, and is willing to allow hardware reconfiguration to mount her disk in another computer, or at least remotely mount it, then you have better odds at winning the lottery.

I don't know anything about MACs, OSX, or the pages app, but many applications use a temporary location to store temporary data between saves. So check the settings of that app and look if it has such an option and where it would save such temporary data (often you can change that location in the settings of the app). Then if you see such an option navigate to that location and check the temporary files there.
matttroutAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys...she bothered me to help her and then ended up redoing the damn paper lol. But thanks I was interested in how to do it anyway so thanks for the tips.
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