Microsoft Removal Utility

I am trying to remove a program from Windows XP.  The program is asking for a CD, which I no longer have.

I was told there was a Microsoft Utility for removing programs when this issue happens and you dont have the CD?  If there is not, is there another route for removal?  I have searched in programs and do not see it listed there either to remove.  Thank you.
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The Cleanup Utility only removes the Installer information, not the app....So if you need to remove the app, the below can help.

Revo Uninstaller

There is a hunter mode that will search, and allow you to remove an app when it cannot be uninstall a program. Might be needed in this case, so that a clean install can be performed.
The Cleanup tool will not remove the program files, only the installer info. I assume you still have the program, and want to get rid of it. If the component asked for is a .msi file, you can search your harddisk for that file and provide the path to it when asked at uninstall.
I think you closed this thread too soon....

In your other question,....

"I was given Revo unistaller as an option through this forum, but it does not show the program in its list."

If my suggestion is what you are using, instead of the Cleanup utility, I would appreciete you reopening the thread and closing it accordingly....

And remember, dont be too quick to close a thread, as you will likely not get any solutions....
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