How to give Admin access to the GPO redirection folders

My Windows 2008 R2 configured as DC, DNS, File sharing, etc.  I used the GPO to redirect users Documents folders.  And it was working fine.
The problem is my Backup Software uses the Admin account and the Admin account it denied access to those folders
I have taken ownership of the redirected folder root, and then given Domain admins, and each user full access to each users folder
That does allow the access I need but now at the pc's the users redirection is broken and no longer points where it should
Thanks for any help
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aces4all2008Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to explicitly give each user account and the Built-in\Administrators group Full permissions to the user's share and Full Control NTFS permissions the the user's folder, subfolders, and files (user account permissions can be reduced to Read/Write/Modify).  If this does not correct the problem you will need the check the folders special (advanced) permissions for a deny (probably under the permissions for Domain Users)
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