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New Exchange 2007 installation looking for old installation path

We just reloaded our Exchange 2007 server using the “{Drive}:\Setup /m:recoverserver” switch to reload the configuration.  After getting Exchange partially set up, and connecting to the mailbox store, we keep encountering issues with receiving mail – or in this case, NOT receiving mail – and installing the Client Access Role.  

We’ve got two major things going on here (that we know of so far)…
1.       We are unable to receive messages and are getting event IDs 5030, 6003, 9006 referencing that Exchange is unable to locate/create message tracking logs, pickup directory, replay directory, routing table log file or directory, all pointing to a non-existent location of “E:\Exchange\...”

2.      We are unable to install the Client Access Role for Exchange 2007 due to the following error:
The path "E:\Exchange\ClientAccess\OAB" is not on a fixed drive.

On the new server, the Exchange installation path is on the C: drive whereas the old server was installed on a drive using the letter E.

Question 1:  Where is Exchange getting the E:\ drive location that it’s looking for?
Question 2:  How can we change those paths to the correct installation directory?

Since this was a new installation of Exchange on a fresh installation of Server 2008 Enterprise, it’s got to be pulling this configuration data from Active Directory somewhere.  

Due to time constraints, we really can’t do an OS reload to wipe Exchange again, so we’d appreciate any information about how we could fix this.

1 Solution

Question 1.  When you run setup.com /M:RecoverServer the exchange picks information from active directory as Exchange information is stored in Configuration partition in AD

Question2: Type in adsiedit.msc Expand configuration Partition--> Expand Services---> Expand Microsoft Exchange---> Expand you Organization Name---> Expand Exchange Administrative group---> Expand Server container---> Right click and go to properties of you E2k7 server--> Look for attribute MsExchinstall path and point it to your C drive Exchange installation path and look for MsExchdata path and change it to C drive Exchange installation path

The run setup.com /M:RecoverServer

Let me know if that work
jtgerdesAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delayed response, your fix worked perfect for installing the Client Access role.  We ended up working with Microsoft on the not receiving email issue and we tried so many things I'm not really sure what finally fixed that.

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