DPM 2007 Backup MSCS Cluster disk does not appear

Ok here is the Long and Short of it.
I have 2 Windows 2008 R2 Server in a cluster. There is one Shared drive between them. This shared drive is the File Storage for my company.
When I create the cluster the drive is automatically selected for use.

I install the DPM proctection agent on both servers. When I am in DPM and go to Create new Protection group I see the cluster group and the individual servers of the cluster group but there are no resources under the cluster group.  i.e my File Shares to select to backup.
The firewall is off on both servers. DPM 2007 has all the latest rollups.

How do I fix this? I need to backup my file shares.
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65tdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The quorum drive needs to separate as you found and at least 500 MB.
The shares need to be set up through cluster administrator.


Were the shares created using cluster administrator?
rdkernsAuthor Commented:
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rdkernsAuthor Commented:
I think I has found my own problem, I won't know until tonight when i can do my maintenance. I have one Shared disk that only has one partition, so the Cluster took that as the Quorum disk, and all I did was copy my shares over to that disk and provision them.

I think I need to add another partition/disk to the drive to have that used as the Quorum disk and then add File Server services to the cluster and then provision the actual File Storage disk to that service.
rdkernsAuthor Commented:
Going to work on this, this weekend. Will update then
rdkernsAuthor Commented:
Destroyed and Rebuilt the Cluster. Creating a Partition on the Existing volume did not work. I had to assign a different shared Volume as the quorum disk. Added File server services to the cluster assigned it my data volume on the SAN. Re-shared the Folders leaving the NTFS permission intact using the Cluster Manager.

I can now see the cluster in DPM 2007 and can backup my shares. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction..
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