MS Outlook e-mails not showing ANY text in body of e-mail, but can see subject line

There is a user here that can't see text in the body of his e-mails.  I have sent him 4 test e-mails with just the words "test01" in the subject line and in the body of the e-mail but he can only see the subject line.  

I've looked around on google and some people have claimed that messing around with Firefox updates/setting fixed the issue but not for me, yet.

The user has Outlook 2003 and is connecting to Exchange to get his e-mails.  OS is Windows XP, antivirus is Symantec AV v10
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jgrimes2Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I think I just tried to delete this question the same time that you posted.  I ended up solving this issue myself but I will assign points because I have seen your suggestion work in past cases but I did try this earlier and it didn't work for this particular case.

What I did was update firefox to the latest verison and disable all add-ons.  It seems like maybe this is an issue with Firefox and Outlook?  I performed those actions to Firefox and didn't see any results but once I rebooted the issue was resolved.
abelenkiyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Disable word as the default editor in outlook settings to see if the issue goes away.
Or if its disabled, enable it.
Could be a word issue.
Also could be a color setting. make sure the incoming text has not been set to white on a white background, once more in settings.
Is there any Recent Troubleshoot history on the Exchange Server, if yes it looks like a Offline Defrag has been performed and ISINTEG is due.
If no such history, try moving these Mailboxes across the Stores this will help

Setting IE as the default browser may have fixed the issue as well.
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