Forensics: Hotmail Registry Entries

I am performing a Forensics Investigation.  On a few servers I noticed the following registry entries related to hotmail.  


   This does not strike me as normal.  I am trying to determine if this is innocent or not.  I am grepping through other logs and know the other sources to look for things, but I want to find out if anyone has any thoughts in relation to these registry entries.


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This is normal.
These registry keys are there by default on a fresh windows 2003.  I also see them in a fresh windows 7 install and I'm sure I would see the same on a server 2008 install.

I would say they are innocent.
awakeningsAuthor Commented:
Hmm...  The strange thing is that I don't see them on all servers.  I only see them on a few select servers.  It makes me curious.  Any ideas why?  Are these installed if SMTP is used?  There has to be more.

Thanks for your replies though...
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awakeningsAuthor Commented:
Maybe they are installed if outlook is installed then not installed if outlook isn't installed (at least through add / remove windows components.
I have a feeling they are part of Outlook Express or an IE version that contains it when updated.
awakeningsAuthor Commented:
Can anyone find any sources of information?  The conflicting information is bothering me.
awakeningsAuthor Commented:
Ya...  I saw those links and I googled before I posted.  They don't really tell me exactly what causes those registry entries.  The servers where I see this are not configured for email (and should not be).  Very few of our other servers have these registry entries.  This is why I am so puzzled.


Hotmail is tied into windows as it belongs to microsoft now.

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awakeningsAuthor Commented:

    That is exactly what I was looking for.


No problem
Glad it worked out.
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