Looking for a cheaper switch for a Lefthand P4300 install

It had been suggested that I use a Cisco Catalyst 3750 24 port but I don't like the price on those.  Looking at the requirements http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA2-5615ENW.pdf (beginning on page 2) the Cisco SGE2000 or the ESW-540-24-K9 seem to fit the specs but I can't verify the per-port buffer cache.  Can anyone verify that either of these will work or suggest another switch under $2000?

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exx1976Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Honestly, I wouldn't use either one of those.  According to Cisco literature, the ESW seems to be a PoE switch, which you don't need for iSCSI.

Why would I not use either of them?  Because also according to the Cisco literature, they are both listed as "small business" switches, and there is NO mention of which version of IOS they run (not that I could find, anyway).

Why does that matter?  Because if they don't run IOS, then they aren't Cisco. They are rebranded LinkSys.

I would recommend maybe a 3560G-24TS.  Google says you can get those new for ~$2200.  I would think you could find one refurbished for in the $1500 range.

For the record, I buy ALL my Cisco gear refurbished.  It's still 100% eligible for SmartNet, and let's face it:  It's Cisco!  It doesn't break!

I like the HP Procurve.  Inexpensive, and good support:


I've had many customers use these with LeftHand implementations
ooops I cut and pasted to quickly that URL is wrong...
tgermanaAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.  I ended up finding a crazy deal on a refurbed Cisco c3750G-24t for under $1500, otherwise I probably would have gone with one of the Procurves.

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