Iomega Home Network Drive showing up twice in Home Network Management

I've been using an Iomega Home Network Drive for quite some time and it has been working great. Recently, however, my computer crashed and after it was repaired, I installed Iomega's Home Network Management software. In the software it shows two Iomega network drives and in My Computer it shows the three folders on that device's drive along with a duplicate of one of the folders. On our home network, before the crash, all of the computers used the same drive letters (x,y,z) but now the repaired pc shows different drive letters which makes it a bit more confusing. Is there any way to straighten this out?
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abelenkiyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I just reread your question, all of the drives are network drives.
Close the iomega software, right click on each drive and hit disconnect.
Then map one by one with proper letters matching the other pcs.
In my computer go to tools, map network drive.
To get the path and drive letter assignments, open a command prompt on one of your good pcs and type in net use
open disk management and right click on each drive that needs to be changed and choose change drive letter.
BobArnettAuthor Commented:
I'll try that when I get home tonight. The other part of the question was what do I do about the same drive and/or folder being listed twice. In Windows Explorer it shows the same folder twice with two different drive letters and in the Iomega Home Management software it shows the actual drive listed twice. Would you also have a suggestion as to that part of the problem.
BobArnettAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Very clear. I'll let you know how it worked in the morning... God willing and the creek don't rise.
BobArnettAuthor Commented:
The disabling of the Iomega software presented a bit of a problem. It was more sticky than what I had hoped. But after getting it uninstalled, remapping the drives worked just fine. Thanks.
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