SCCM 2007 Copy a txt file to computers

I am looking for a way to use SCCM to copy one file to all computers in a specific AD group.  The file of course will need to be placed in a specific location.  How would you go about doing this?  I am a newbie to SCCM
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x-menConnect With a Mentor IT super heroCommented:
easy way:
create a batch file with the copy command and assign it as package for your target machines
better way for such tiny tasks are Group Policy Prerferences (GPP)
RDAdamsAuthor Commented:
merowinger I wasn't looking for the best way.....just how to use SCCM for it.  x-men thank you for your input.
RDAdamsAuthor Commented:
Being a novice writing a batch file to do this is not easy.  A sample batch file would have helped.
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