Multi-network ethernet printing

I need to put an ethernet color-laser printer in an industrial setting.  My problem is that there are several networks present, and I'd like the printer to serve all of them.

One solution I thought of was to but a physical "A-B-C" switch on the printer, switching between ethernet feeds from the 3 networks.  This would be not-so-convenient, and would also require the printer to be setup for dynamic IP addressing, because there is not a single static address that works on all 3 networks.

Is there a solution that would handle this "on the fly."  Keep in mind that the security of each network is paramount, and I must assure the client that the solution involves no security compromises.  A little voice in my head says that something can be done with a router & NAT, but I just can't figure it out on my own.

Thanks in advance!
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If you have 3 separate networks that are addressed differently then your solution will involve obtaining a device that does routing.  You would configure 3 separate interfaces on the router with the appropriate ip information and that router will route the traffic from the different networks.  Each computer on the different networks will need to specify your newly installed router as their default gateway.

Depending on your security requirements, you may find that your solution is a firewall.


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Also, once you have a routed environment, you would simply place the printer onto one of the networks and it will be accessible by all the other networks.  Also, all of the hosts on all of the different networks would be able to communicate with devices on all 3 nets unless you use the firewall.
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