Cannot link hyperlink in pdf to table of contents at the beginning of the document

Hey guys.  Here is my issue.  I have a customer that is trying to update a web page. The initial document is created in word 2007 and all of the hyperlinks work great except a few.  At the bottom of each word doc page she has a "table of contents"  link that take her to the top of the page where the actual table of contents are located.  When I click on the "table of contents" hyperlink in the word doc it goes correctly to the table of contents page.   However, when we save it as a .pdf (file save as pdf)  the "table of contents"  link is not active anymore but all the other links are. How can I change this to link the "table of contents" to the actual table of contents at the beginning of this large document.  Thank you.
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The TOC itself does not come up on the list of "places in this document" to hyperlink to. What I did was remove the word Contents, from the "auto created table of contents". Then I right clicked within the table of contents area and selected paragraph, then reduced the "before spacing from 24" to 0. Next, on the line directly above the TOC I typed in what I wanted it to be called, in this case Table of Contents, and I highlighted it, formatting it as Heading 1. Now when I go to the end of the paper and highlight TOC (page 3) and right click -> hyperlink -> within this document (left pane) I can see Table of Contents as one of the options. I click this and now have a "heading" hyperlink to the TOC.

Without this, the actual "structural" link does not exist. Remember that when outputting to PDF, it is not "what you see is what you get", but rather, what structures exist behind the scenes are coded over. A "page based link" (such as go to page 2) will not work, it needs to be a hierarchical link to a heading, bookmark, etc.

Try that change and see if it works. Attached is an example document and screen shot.

Hope this helps,


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otishelpAuthor Commented:
Ok, so I emailed the customer the instructions (in part b/c of a busy day) and this is what she posted.... sounds like you had it on the head.


"I watched what you and Carlos were doing for a while and when activity stopped, I closed out the shared screen and went into my PDF, right clicked on a random Back to the Table of Contents link>Edit Hyperlink>Go to View>scrolled up to the page or section title in the table of contents for that page and clicked Select Link.  Once the link is selected, it makes a permanent box around the Back to the TOCs.  I did that for the Back to the TOC links on all 87 pages in the PDF and it works, but I’ll try to figure out the go around in Word from Kevin and give it a try.  Thank you for all your research and effort to help me find a fix for this problem, Jared.


Glad it worked out.

Thank you for the grade!

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