new Stretch Method, Stretch a Trapezoid but not a Retangle.

new Stretch Method,  Stretch a Trapezoid  but not a Retangle.

i have been looking codes to Stretch a Trapezoid for a long time. Is there anyone can help me ?

i have a bitmap(ABmp), i draw a Trapezoid(Trapezoid_A) on it, the top and the bottom of the Trapezoid  always parallel


then i move the top of the Trapezoid   to any position(the length of the top keeps no change,and it always parallel Y_axis ).

now  a new Trapezoid(Trapezoid_B) formed by old bottom and the new top(the area of Trapezoid_B may less /more than the area

of Trapezoid_A ). what i need is Stretch Trapezoid_A into Trapezoid_B.

the function may like this
NewStretch(ABmp:TBitmap;                      //the source bitmap
           ATrapezoid:Array of TPoint;     //Old Trapezoid
           BTrapezoid:Array of TPoint;     //New Trapezoid
           BBmp:TBitmap                       //the Dest bitmap

by the way, the speed of the function is important, i have wrote one ,but it's too slow to use.
and you can use any component.

could you give me the code?

thank you in advance
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Emmanuel PASQUIERFreelance Project ManagerCommented:
that is not very clear. What do you want ? to stretch the ATrapezoid shape in ABmp into BTrapezoid in BBmp ?
If ATrapezoid and BTrapezoid can be ANY kind of 4-points array, this would involve arduous calculation.
If you limit that to 2 sides // to X-axis (not Y, as you say it's top & bottom of it), then it would be better to say that your parameters are not 2 4-arrays of points but :

    x1,y1 ---x2
  /               |  h

describing your 1st trapezoid, and DX, DH the transformation where the new trapezoid would be :
// and since bottom line does not move :

which means that this is a normal stretch in height followed by a side-way shift (I don't know the correct term for this, think about pisa tower)

is that correct ?

what happens to other pixels (outside the trapezoid) in you dest bitmap ? all white ? what kind of pixel transformation do you want : closest pixel from source, pixel color calculation based on pixel resize & blending ? This alone will have huge impact on the quality of the result and the time to compute

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bloodbirdAuthor Commented:
epasquier:  i am very sorry for response you so slowly , that's because i post this question in a wrong place, i should post it in delphi programming zone ,this is the realted link

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