Communication with a TTY/TDD machine

Hello Experts,

I'm wondering if anyone has had to develop a way to communicate with a TTY/TDD Machine?  My boss wants to be able to communicate with ASL (deaf) customers, and a good group of them do it through a TTY or TDD machine.  

We want to develop something we can wrap around
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ElrondCTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I see a few software options, which are designed to work with a sound card and a voice/data modem. I haven't used these, so I can't vouch for them, but at least these are options to explore (aside from purchasing an actual TTY/TDD machine yourself): (LAN version of the previous)

These, of course, are packaged solutions, rather than building blocks that you can wrap around. However, the first has Visual C++ code available for free. Whether you can use that to develop your own will depend on whether you have someone in your team who knows C++ (though you might be able to use Reflector to convert it into VB). But do you really need to develop the whole thing yourself, rather than use what someone else has created?
carmodykAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I seem to have found the same things, but I appreciate your effort.  :)
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