SharePoint Workflow Issue (built with SPD)

I am currently having an issue with a workflow that is based upon contect types and "approval" fields. There are two lists - Project Documents & Project Checklist. The project document section has 12 different content types that are project documentation templates (charter, request, plan, etc). In this section there are 5 choice fields for approvals. In the checklist list I added individual choice fields that are based upon what stage the documents are in (Draft, Approved, N/A). Also each these lists reference a specific project (title field located in another list). The workflow I create (using SPD) resides in the checklist area and for each content type in the project document area it should alter the choice field in the checklist area (see attached). However, the workflow only alters the item that was created first for each individual project. So if the charter was created first the plan was created second and the request was created 3rd, it only alters the choice field in the checklist for the charter. However, if I delete the charter and run the workflow it will now only update the choice field in the checklist for the project plan. Please help....
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JMSTechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
while I couldn't find a solution for this individual probelm, the easier option was to associate the workflow with the document list rather then the checklist. it now works.
JMSTechAuthor Commented:
So I tried a different solution. I instead added calculated columns in the project document section that return Content Type-Approval State. I then built the workflow (see attached)  based upon this new field however, the workflow created a new issue. Instead of just altering the first field in each item it now allowed for only one item in the list to contain one choice. In other words If project plan was "Approved" for one project (list item) project plan could not be "Approved" in another project. Suggestions....
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