Power Surge on Hub

I am getting a "Power Surge on Hub" error every few seconds or so on my Compaq Presario Laptop.

I did damage one of my USB ports. It fell with a Wireless Modem inserted :)

I change a setting in my taskbar properties to always "hide" this message but I am wondering if I should do something more permanent. Is it possible to permanently disable this port. I tried using the Device Manager but disabling any of the USB objects seems to simply disable all four.

Thanks for your interest,

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IanThConnect With a Mentor Commented:
get the port repaired by a laptop engineer as the internal pins may have become entangled so it may just need to be looked at by someone who knows what it looks like from the inside
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the only options i see are :
-inspect the usb connectors for shorts.
-try a pcmcia to usb adaptor    http://www.nextag.com/pcmcia-usb-adapter/stores-html

-disabling usb disables all usb ports (correct as posted)
another motherboard will cure it too..
I've seen this message when the device I plugged in (to a laptop) was drawing too much power for the USB port...

If you get the message when you don't have anything plugged into a USB port, then it seems to me that the port may be damaged. If you're lucky, it could just be a loose connector or similar.

If it happens when you plug in a certain device, it may be just related to that device (eg, said wireless modem)

If it happend with ANY device plugged in, it's probably the port again.

Good luck :)
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