Saving e-mails in Entourage Trial Version

Purchasing Microsoft Office for MAC 2008 after using the trial version.  The download is asking me to uninstall all the trial version first before re-installing(or Downloading), the paid version.  Is there a way to save my Entourage E-Mails before I do this??

Running 10.6.3 MAC OS X
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EdTechyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
File>Export. This gives you the option to save email, contacts, notes etc. Just follow the steps, saving as an Entourage Archive..
Once the new Entourage is installed, File>Import will place all of the "old" emails into the new Entourage in a folder with the name of the exported file. All of your email will be in this folder. All of the contacts and calendar items will be placed in the appropriate place.

The only items you cannot export are groups. These will have to be redone in the new version.
If you are connected to an exchange server, your e-mails should still be on the server and after a fresh install should simply re-synch.
Otherwise see:
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
Worked.  Thanks
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