How to move virtual machines to a san on 2008R2

I have recently set up a new virtual server running 2008R2.  I have already set up one virtual environment on the server using a folder on the C drive.  I just set up a san with several virtual drives on it.  One drive T: was created to store the low use virtual disks that will be created such as the virtual machine that is already in use and will probably store the configuration files as well.  I will soon create an exchange 2007 virtual environmnet which will store its virtual drive on the san drive Q: and its data and log files on the R: and S: SAN drives.

How do I move the existing virtual server image to the san and ensure that the new Exhange virtual server is stored on the Q Drive?
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caseyvsilverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Next you need to browse to where you want to export the file, in your case i would select the mapped drive to the SAN, and click export. It will then show you the percentage of the export that has been completed, which will take sometime depending on the size of the VM and your connection to the SAN. After the exportt is complete you will need to import the exported VM from the SAN into hyper v, by select the folder containing the exported VM, this is a very quick process. Once the import is complete, start up the newly imported VM, make sure it is running correctly and delete the old VM.
I recently had to complete this same task and found that your best bet is to export the VM from hyper v directly to the SAN. To export the VM it will have to be off, but you can export it directly to SAN and it fill copy over the VHD and the config files. Just keep in mind after you get the VM copied to the SAN and you verify it works you will need to delete the old VHD and config files.
PolicyLinkAuthor Commented:
Afer i highlight the VM and choose export what are the next steps?
PolicyLinkAuthor Commented:
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