non flash slideshow solutions?

iPad has my bosses in a craze, we must eliminate flash! LOL We currently have thousands of slideshows in a app we developed in flash. I need to come up with something outside of flash.

The biggest reason we always used flash was the ability to load each photo as you go through the slideshow. The images we use are fairly large but they load well when you can load them one at a time. All the javascript solutions I find seem to load all the images at once. This isn't going to work for us. Perhaps some sort of Ajax thing would work?

I'm going numb looking through all these things, anyone have some suggestions to help me decide my fate?
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Another one :
I would take a breath. iPad should support flash soon or it will hurt sales.
You issue with the images all loading at the same time and intererring with the render performance may have nothing to do with the technique but more to do with the page buffer settings at the server.
If you set the server to not use a bufferr, your site should start to be rendered as soon as the doctype is recieved. The makes the page load much faster. You do have to be more aware of supporting code and the order elements are delivered.
iPad, iPhone, iPod touch will not support flash ever.  Eliminating flash is probably your best bet to support ipad.  There are simple javascript codes all over the web that will slide throw images on a website.  Hope this helps.
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