Black Berry Enterprise Server Express Activation


I installed BESE on my server 2008. I added an account to administration site. create a password just one letter m. I click on activation I get the email from RIM with the ETP.DAT attachment but the BlackBerry does not activate. it just stays in activating and after awhile it shoes retrying.

does anybody have any solutions? I change some settings of the servers anti-virus to see if it helps but nothing.  
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-jonny-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is there anything appended to the etp.dat email? e.g. is "[scanned]" added at the end? your antivirus can't modify the subject line or body of the message in any way (so no "message scanned by xxxx").

Also, double check the permissions on your account. Run the IEMSTest.exe tool in the c:\program files\research in motion\blackberry enterprise server\utility folder with the besadmin account against your account to check.
Nathan-B2BConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ensure the data plan your blackberry phone uses has had the blackberry data service added to it.
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LENEROAuthor Commented:
So the Blackberries use a special data service not just the data plan?
lenero, not sure how it is like with other providers (in other countries) but here in New Zealand, using vodafone, you need the sim card in the phone to be enabled on the special data plan used with Blackberry Enterprise Server.
LENEROAuthor Commented:
Our provider is Verizon, I called them this morning and they said the phones have the BlackBerry service package. I create the account and when I click on activte I get the email  my Antivirs does not stop it of change it. but they just dont activate and I still going over what BlackBerry has on there page but nothing gets my phone to activate. any more Ideas? I already use my one time call to blackberry becuse the key was not working does anybody know how much Blackberry support cost?
If you are running an anti-spam service, stop the service during the activation.  Had this same issue a few months back and this resolved it.

Call Blackberry Support and use your old case number to reach a tech,  they may provide additional assistance.  
You can have a user activate without upgrading their data plan, simply connect the phone with the USB cable to the BES server and open the BES Manager.  Then choose assign device.

To my knowledge this only works on Express.
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