Upgrade postfix 2.0.3 to 2.1.1 on Solaris 8


There are two servers, one having postfix 2.0.3 and the other 2.1.1 version.  This is around 7 year old setup and no documentation left. Could someone help me to upgrade the  2.0.3 to 2.1.1  version.  I cannot do a 'make upgrade'  as these machines do not have a build environment.

Is there practical way to do this upgrade by copying binaries, settings from 2.1.1 server to 2.0.3 server?  Also noticed that one uses Berkeley db 4.1 and the other uses 2.7.7.
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Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
Are you considering to clone one server to anther, if both servers are identical apart from postfix and Berkeley versions difference.
mnopixAuthor Commented:
I cannot say both servers are identical. They serve two different departments. I think these differences  are in the main.cf and master.cf file settings.

I'm wonderging whether copying the /usr/postfix/ from 2.1.1 over 2.0.3 will work?
>I'm wonderging whether copying the /usr/postfix/ from 2.1.1 over 2.0.3 will work?
it is likely work, it depands on how thw package was installed, to play safe, you need to backup the old package first, eg, in the box  whith the old version, you do:
mv /usr/postfix /usr/postfix2.0.3
create a tar ball from the box with version 2.1.1, eg:
cd /usr
tar -cf postfix2.1.1.tar  postfix
then copy the tarball (postfix2.1.1.tar ) to the box to be upgraded, and untar it under /usr.
You could also download the binary package from:
or install it from source code.

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mnopixAuthor Commented:
Sorry. Copying the binaries won't work as one server is Sparc and other one is x86. Found it so late. We need to rerbuild it. So I'm goin to close the question. Thanks for your participation.
mnopixAuthor Commented:
The soultion seemed correct I could not apply as the plaform was different. I'm giving the A grade for the quick response and clarity in steps.
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