SharePoint Approve Reject Workflow

Here is the scenario:
1.  We are using the Absence and Vacation Schedule Application Template from MS.
2.  For right now, I need to be able to have a group (preferably an AD group) that has the ability to submit a leave request but NOT approve.
3.  For right now, I need to be able to have a group (preferably an AD group) that has the ability to approve the pending requests.

Users are currently able to submit a request but no matter which group I add an “approver” to, they cannot use the built-in approvereject.aspx page to approve the item.  I’ve tried giving the AD group Contribute permissions as well as an individual user contribute permission (to both the Absences list and site) with no success.

I have played with it until I’m probably looking right over something obvious but I’ve hit a brick wall with this.

After I clear this hurdle, I’ll post a question on how to develop a multipart approval process and email notifications.

Thanks in advance!
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While I can't help with 1, 2 or 3.  Have a look at these videos for Multipart approvals, excellent!!
regards, Sean
Have you read ?

That gives you all the information you need on the OOTB Approval Workflow.

What you have to do is create a SharePoint Group (for instance, "Employees") and add the AD group as the sole "user" of that group. That will give every member in the AD group the same permissions as the "Employees" SP group.

Then create a second SharePoint Group (for instance, "Approvers") and add the AD group as the sole "user" of that group.

On the request list, create an OOTB approval workflow, set the approvers to the "Approvers" group and any other options you desire. When you have competed the workflow setup, make sure that "Employees" and "Approvers" have contribute rights to the list.
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todd-bierbaumAuthor Commented:
Additional Information:
Site Hierarchy:
WaltonSo Intranet / Patrol / Patrol Absence and Vacation Schedule

Reminder:  We are trying to use the Application Template from MS called Absence and Vacation Schedule.  It has two workflows built-in.  A workflow called Setup which will set the status to pending when an item is created.  A workflow called ApproveReject which will take the status and comments from the ApproveReject.aspx form and email the user notifying them of the approved or rejected status.

I created the respective SharePoint Groups within the Patrol Absence and Vacation site and added the AD groups to them.  Because the Absences list inherits permissions from the site, I didn’t do anything to the actual lists permissions.  For right now, both groups have Contribute permissions but when they(Approvers) use the ApproveReject.aspx form to try to approve the request, they receive access denied.

Are you using WSS or MOSS?
todd-bierbaumAuthor Commented:
Well, the my original post is out of the question. I am not familiar with that template you are using. What is the approvereject.aspx page? Is it the edit item screenshot you posted above?
todd-bierbaumAuthor Commented:
Yes, screenshot approve-reject2.png is a view of the approvereject.aspx page.
Okay, then all I can do for you us point you in the right direction. There is too much work involved (not difficult per say) for me to hand you a solution.

I am guessing your problem is that anyone can approve or reject their own vacation currently. Or perhaps nobody at all (that would be purely permission issues). If your problem is in fact anyone entering items can also approve their own items, see below.

1) Check out which shows you how to audience fields on a form (the approve/reject drop down in your case) using a content editor web part.
2) When ready, you will implement only the portion of retrieving the field (drop down in your case). WSS does not support audiencing, only MOSS does. Drop the CEWP and the snippet of javascript to retrieve the drop down row.
3) Look into the WSS WebServices, specifically on how to determine if the current user signed in is part of a SharePoint group. The current user signed in can be obtained using JavaScript (
4) If the user is in the group, proven by the web service in step 3 above, show the field obtained in step 2 above.

I hope this makes sense to you, but this is the only non-visual studio solution I can come up with.

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do you know how I can change the 'Absentee' field on this form? It's defaulting to who created it and I would like it to point to another field.
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