Setup.exe vs Publish.htm

I have always used the Setup.exe when Installing a project that I had created. However when I published the most recent application I wrote, I did not find a Setup.exe in the deployment folder. Instead, I found a publish.htm. Publish.htm comes with a whole new set of problems. I do not know exactly what setting to change in IE to avoid the "Your Web browser settings do not allow you to run unsigned applications." error. I would like to have my project create a setup.exe rather than the publish.htm.
How would I force the project to create a Setup.exe?
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Usually when you deploy a project, it creates both publish.htm and setup.exe file. Moreover you can open publish.htm, it will display links. You can install the exe of the project from one of those links. Go through below link, it will give you a fair idea
mpdillonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the article but it did not mention how to create the setup.exe. The Setup.exe is missing when I choose Publish. My client tries to use the Publish.htm to install the application but the IE security setting prevent the install from occurring. I do not know enough about the security settings in IE to know exactly which ones to turn on or off.
Thus I need to generate a setup.exe. I may have found a solution or this may be just coincidence. I changed the mode from DEBUG to RELEASE. The next time I published the project, the Setup.exe appeared.
Any thoughts?
ohhh...exactly. Whenever you publish a project, it is always published in release mode. I thought you must have changed it already. Debug mode is for the development. We always change the mode from DEBUG to RELEASE at the time of publishing.

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mpdillonAuthor Commented:
It is always the basic stuff that I trip on. Thank you.
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