LDAP server dumps its schema,

Hi All,

An attacker could access the LDAP schema to gain information about the LDAP server.

The LDAP server dumps its schema, which can show all necessary attributes needed for an object, including hidden or non-readable attributes. An attacker could use this information to access directory listings

Administrators are recommended to disable the cn=schema entry in the LDAP configuration file or allow only authorized users to view LDAP logs.

Please tell me the step by step that which line in which file need to be modified to resolve the above vulnerability on server

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My two cents:
I can not see this as a vulnerability.

If you have not prevented proper access to the entries, you are in trouble regardless of the schema.

Many applications fetch the schema anonymously for proper operation.

This is no different than data base management systems allow reading the table structure, anonymously for proper operation.

You do not mention which LDAP Vendor you are using and applying Access Controls, to block access to the subschemaSubentry is vendor dependent.

Hi again,
do you run LDAP at all?
Check with
telnet hostname 389
telnet hostname 636
(if SSL is being used).
Should you only get the message "telnet: connect: A remote host refused an attempted connect operation" there is most probably no LDAP running.
Else, if you do have LDAP running, consult chapters 14 ("Access Control") and 15 ("Securing the directory") of this rather informative Redbook - http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg244986.pdf
(assuming that you use IBM TDS).
Basically, you will have to disallow anonymous access (page 404 of the above Redbook).  "cn=schema" is required by TDS (afaik), so its deletion is not allowed.

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