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I have a user who has two exchange profiles on his Outlook 2007 client on a Windows XP workstation. One connects to his corporate exchange account and the other connects to his personal exchange email account. The problem is when he is in his personal account his global address list from his corporate account is visible from his address book. If he sends an email to a user that happens to be in the global address list of the corporate account then it gets resolved to that contact and the email message bounces back with an undeliverable message. The only way the message will go out is if that email address does not exist in the global address list or if that email address is in his contacts on his personal account so it won't resolve to the contact in the global address list. Is there a way to disable sharing of the contacts between the Outlook profiles like this? Ideally I would like to keep the contacts separate and only visible to the account/profile they are part of.
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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you should verify each of the two existing profiles, tools, account settings, and make sure he didnt add additional accounts above and beyond what is needed.

it wouldn't hurt to create a 3rd profile and a 4th profile just to test, see if the books get mixed in
B HCommented:
he's better off making two individual profiles.... one for each exchange account.

control panel > mail > show profiles
add a new one, call it exchange1 or something useful, fill it out
add another, call it exchange2 or something useful, fill it out
at the bottom of the profiles screen, make sure to put the dot by 'always prompt'
hit ok a few times and fire up outlook

when you know it works, you could optionally go back and delete his original profile if you want, but not required

Shreedhar EtteCommented:

Open the outlook under Tools you find the option E-mail Accounts there you select option under Directory "View or change existing directories or address book.

From Here you should be able make required changes, as you needed.

I hope this helps,
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SteveIT ManagerCommented:

He could also use either OWA or webmail for one account and Outlook for the other one ?
yaknourAuthor Commented:
Guys, keep in mind he is already using two different outlook profiles. When Outlook runs depending on which account he wants to log into, he selects the appropriate profile to log into. But he is still able to view the Global Address List from the work email account when he logs into his personal email account.  All i want to accomplish is to force his personal email account to NOT resolve email addresses using the Global Address List from his work account.
yaknourAuthor Commented:
It seems the profile in question somehow got corrupt. i had to delete that Outlook profile and recreate it and once i did that everything looked fine. Thank you all for your solutions.
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