Exchange 2003 - Event Error Message - Message Processing Failed

Constantly getting this error message in event viewer on our exchange Server. How do we fix this?

Exchange Server 2003 SP
Windows Server 2003

"Message Processing failed becuase there is not enough available memory {8007000E-82000387}

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Shreedhar EtteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Run Exchange 2003 Best Practise Analyser tool and fix the errors reported.

Also check this:

I hope this helps,
Vishal BreedConnect With a Mentor Program ManagerCommented:
The articles mentioned by Shreedhar are point to correct directions

1> either hotfix is required
2> or your server is facing virtual memory fragmentation issue.

Run ExBPA (Exchange Best Practise Analyser tool) - follow the list of errors and their solution to fix them.
occreditAuthor Commented:
Setting the /3GB switch on our server fix this issue. Thanks again for your help.
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