move div to a div with animation

<div id="test1">test 1</div>
<div id="test 2">test 2</div>

how to move test1 to test2 with animation, and test2 will be slowly go away in jquery?
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hi johndenny,

Try with file that i attached below........

Hope it helps....
johndennyAuthor Commented:
thanks mani, but that's a huge plugin, i just want to write my simple one, using animate .
And i just want to move test 1 to test2 div with a little animation.
Albert Van HalenAnalyst developerCommented:
You have to position the divs absolute at first.
Then use this code
$(function() {
	// Bind click event on document ready
	$("#test1").bind("click", function() {
		var o = $("#test2").offset();
			"left": o.left,
		}, "slow");
		$("#test2").fadeTo("slow", 0);

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Dhanasekaran SengodanCommented:
hi johndenny:
                   Try this link.........
and also look at my sample  attached........
Try something like this
	//Cache selector for div1 and div2
	var $div1 = $("#div1");
	var $div2 = $("#div2");
	//Get the position of div1
	var pos1 = $div1.offset();
	//Get the position of div2
	var pos2 = $div2.offset();
	//animate div 1 to the position of div 2
	//Using div 1
	//Move to absolute positioning so we can move, but make sure it stay in the same place
	//Start animation
		//Now animation is finished, fade out div 2

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