Quick tutorial on formatting, multilevel list in Word 2007?

I have a document in notepad, with a lot of change of line in it of course. And I have a word template, how to quickly copy and adjust the format in word 2007? The main thing I found it hard is how to apply multi-level list and change of line (enter key) in Word, and line alignment in Word 2007. It's never easy for me. I don't need a word tutorial, just wonder any materials to cover this kind of question (show the process, not how to use bullet, etc.)? Thanks.
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If your notepad document has line ending characters at the end of each line, and you want those lines to flow as a single paragraph in Word, then after pasting the text into Word, replace all paragraph marks with spaces, like this:
Ctrl+Shift+8    (toggles the Show/Hide feature on so that you can see the para marks, spaces, etc.).
Ctrl+Home (goes to the top of the document)
Ctrl+H  (Find and Replace)
Find what:   ^p    (the ^ is a caret character -- Shift+6 on US keyboards)
Replace with: [space]
Click Replace All.
Wherever you want a new paragraph, simply press the enter key.
To apply bullets, select the paragraphs you want, then click the bullet button on the Home tab.

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heyday2004Author Commented:
Thanks. That's helpful. My problem also is multi-list usage, it's not always as I expected: when I wanted to list several items under a upper level item, I got all the items listed at one level; Or when I tried to list one block, but for some reason, one line outside the block also got listed. So I guess I dont know the basic principle of the multilist usage. Any quick tips on how to freely control multi-list? Also, when to use Headings, when to just use bold, etc. if I have multi level block? Thanks.
Whew!!  You're going to have to get some more practice using Word yourself. Experts Exchange really isn't a forum for a formatting tutorial, I'm afraid.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Hi heyday2004,

It is probabally best to use the Word View-Outline function.

1. Create a new Word document with your existing template.
2. Copy the document in notepad as test into the nwew Word document
3. Select View - Outline
4. Apply the appropriate level headings to the the text

Note that this technique will also allow you to generate a table of contents.

For a free training course covering the ins and outs of bullets, numbers, and lists in Word 2007 go to: http://office2010.microsoft.com/en-us/training/bullets-numbers-and-lists-RZ010216185.aspx

I hope that helps.

Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
I forgot to mention that you can apply multi-level lists to multi-level headings to use in tne document... Please refer to files

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