Adobe FMS: how to change default media location

Hi X-perts,

I need to change the default location of VOD media files from /opt/adobe/fms/applications/vod/media.

what I did:

1. Created a dir test under default "media" dir
2. Placed my f4v files inside "test" dir
3. Modified applications.xml as follows:




      <!-- Specifies application specific virtual directory mapping for recorded streams.   -->

<Streams>/;<FMS Installed Directory>\applications\vod\media\test</Streams>

4. Use the following smil file

        <meta base="rtmp:/vod/" />
            <video src="mp4:file_1_300.f4v" system-bitrate="300000"/>
            <video src="mp4:file_1_500.f4v" system-bitrate="500000"/>
            <video src="mp4:file_1_700.f4v" system-bitrate="700000"/>
            <video src="mp4:filel_1_1000.f4v" system-bitrate="1000000"/>
            <video src="mp4:file_1_1500.f4v" system-bitrate="1500000"/>

It doesn't work. it works only, if I place f4v files inside "media" dir directly.

What am I missing here?

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Try including the following tag...

Hopefully that will do the trick.


Ooops - omit the last \



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andy7789Author Commented:
in fact, my solution was correct - I just had a typo in FMS installation directory. Thank you anyway!
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