Antivirus questions/thoughts (Trend & Forefront)

We are currently using OfficeScan 8 from Trend Micro which is working great. I really like the Web Threat protection which is why I haven't looked in to going to something else for AV protection. In addition, I was hoping Forefront "Sterling" would be out by now. I now see Microsoft changed directions and came up with Forefront Endpoint Protection using SCCM. We do use SCCM though.

In June our licensing will be due and we already own Forefront due to our licensing with Microsoft so am trying to decide to extend the Trend licensing or take the leap to Forefront and save on the licensing costs for Trend.

I see 2 reasons for staying with Trend for now.

1. We move to Forefront Client Security, then again later this year we would move to Forefront Endpoint Protection. 2 big changes does not sound like fun and am not sure it would be worth it.

2. The Web Threat filter on Trend works great. We do however have a Barracuda Internet filter though so I am not sure it makes that big of a difference.

Does anyone with expereince on both have any thoughts about migrating now or just wait till next year? FYI, we use OfficeScan on both workstations as well as servers.
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Lacretta IncorvaiaCommented:
Good Morning Rparsons,

Like you, I also utilize OfficeScan.  We have a Barracuda Spam filter, but use an iPrism web content filter, so I’d say we’re pretty close in setup.  My opinion would be to stay on Trend Micro.  You’re already comfortable with the product and it works great.  

I can understand cost and licensing plays a role.  However, if it is not the principal factor and you have not had any major outbreaks, I’d say not to risk it and would highly suggest remaining with Trend.  However, I am sure you will receive varying opinions on the matter.

As far as having both the Barracuda and Web Threat, I am a firm believer in multi-layer protection – Web Threat may detect malicious content that the Barracuda misses.  Therefore, if it is not coming as a detriment to performance, my opinion is that the more protection the better.

Take care,

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I did a test between Microsoft Forefront Client Security VS Trend Micro OfficeScan 8.0

Install both client into the MS Windows 2003 Server with SQL 2005 and MS Rights Management Services Server running.

Shown below are the memory used by both Apps

So here we can see that Trend Micro and MS forefront have a tie! Both use the same amount of memory. But please bear in mind that the Forefront fail the test. Therefore Trend Micro OfficeScan 8.0 is still a better choice.

Hope helped you!
Best regards
rparsons1000Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies. Looks like we will stick with Trend at least for another year...
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