Converting a dynamic disk back to basic

On a Server 2003 TS box, there were 2 partitions - a C: and a D:.  There was no data on the D:

I wanted to combine the two partitions into the C: so I deleted the D: but accidentally made the system volume (C:) dynamic as I thought I needed to do that to extend C: onto the unallocated space left by D:.  Now I can't extend the C: volume as I get this error:

"The selected volume is a system or boot disk or was created on a basic disk in an earlier version of Windows and cannot be extended."

D'oh!  Is there any way to convert the C: back to basic?  Research led me to 'Dynamic Disk Converter' software but I don't want to pay for software that I will only use once.  Are there any other free alternatives?

Or will I need to take an image, reformat and restore the image?
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Arabia_vnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your problem is that you can't extend boot disk directly in Windows Server 2003, not dynamic or basic. Using a boot CD and diskpart (Diskpart.exe) you can extend C volume. And don't forget a backup of your system before doing so.
lrkwalkersAuthor Commented:
Ta - any links on the commands I need to use?
After entering diskpart just type ? for commands . It's pretty straight-forward and easy to understand.
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i just tested converting my system drive which is an basic disk  to dynamic on my hosted VPS of server 2008

and it has no problems just booted fine it works!!

see the screenshots i took while i was doing this

try this, using acronis backup & recovery (trial):
- install trial (15 days) under windows
- create acronis boot disk
- plug in 1 external usb hdd and boot with acronis boot disk created above
- do full C: drive backup to usb ext harddisk
- reboot with acronis boot disk and restore back from usb ext harddisk
lrkwalkersAuthor Commented:
acl-puzz - I think you've misunderstood the question.

sukamto - I want to avoid the whole backup, format then restore routine.

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