Domain Controller Failed

My only DC failed and I was wondering that if I promoted a server to be the new DC will it allow the users to log in without any problems or is there a certain procedure that I need to do? I have about 25 users that log into the domain. My server is windows 2003.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If your DC failed, where would the new DC get the user accounts from?  

If you don't recover the failed DC (what happened, exactly?) and you don't want to get UTool's UMove software to recover Active Directory, you'll need to start over from scratch, creating a new domain, removing the existing computers from the domain and then adding them back, migrating all the user profile data to the newly created users in the new domain.

(Active Directory bases things on Globally Unique IDs - the "names" are just "friendly" references to the accounts - and these GUID's are initially created randomly, meaning that if you recreate the domain using the EXACT SAME NAMES, it is STILL DIFFERENT because these GUIDs (Security IDs (SIDs) are different).
Is it possible we can fix your downed server?

Tell us about your backups?

Malli BoppeCommented:
You need to have a backup to restore it back to a DC as said above,289483,sid68_gci1052862,00.html 
My friend the problem which you are asking for has two or more solution

1.Firstly if you have additional DC then you can transfer all roles over it and make it PDC. But in your case it is not applicable.

2. Secondly if you have system state backup of your previous DC then we can restore it.

3.But  if you don't have all the above things then the only procedure is you have to build you new DC in the same manner as the previous one was then create all the user accounts with the same name . Now on client machine log in on client machine and logg out this will create the new profile on the machine now login with the administrator's account and copy all the data of client's previous profile to the new profile. Repeat this process on all client systems.

Hope this will help you
rmills8387Author Commented:
I was able to repair my DC, it turned out to be the power supply. Once it was up I promote a second server to be a DC as well and made sure all backups were running ok. Thanks for all your help.

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