Xen 5.5 scheduled offline backup (not snapshot)

I have a few Xen 5.5 servers in production and presently I'm not happy with the snapshot feature to a NAS device.  Seems there are a few issues with recovery of snapshots.

What I'm looking for is an automated script that will take the virtual servers offline (shutdown), export to a mounted NAS (I do this already with our NAS).  Once the export is done, start the virtual servers backup.

What I have found with testing is that the export of the virtual server is the only real way to recover a virtual server to another Xen server without any issues.  
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Referencing a previous answer of mine for the script:


All you would need to do would be take the script, and put it into a cronjob that you dump into /etc/crontab at the appropriate time for you.  Note there are new and better ways of taking backups and doing DR using Citrix StorageLink.

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quibblyAuthor Commented:
for this to work, I set it up like this:

mkdir /home/backup
mkdir /backup
vi /home/backup/vm_backup.sh

mount // -o password= /backup

xe vm-shutdown uuid=408b46f8-80b3-876e-45a3-ce06a0f3c1d0
xe vm-shutdown uuid=c1b49ae2-130c-2e7b-cabf-c7636669cd18

xe vm-export uuid=408b46f8-80b3-876e-45a3-ce06a0f3c1d0 filename=/backup/svr-pm.xva
xe vm-export uuid=c1b49ae2-130c-2e7b-cabf-c7636669cd18 filename=/backup/svr-pdc.xva

xe vm-start uuid=c1b49ae2-130c-2e7b-cabf-c7636669cd18
xe vm-start uuid=408b46f8-80b3-876e-45a3-ce06a0f3c1d0

umount /backup

I then created a cronjob

crontab -e

0 2 * * * /home/backup/vm_backup.sh >> /home/backup/vm_backup.log 2>&1
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