Rca Web Tv change from dialup to wireless

Hello, I have my g/f grandmothers Rca Web Tv System. RCA model Number RM2100. What do  I need... The girlfriends grandmother can no longer live on her own so she has to move into a old folks home. they do not have a private phone line in there but they have wireless internet. The RCA web TV works great for her almost 90 year old grandmother to email friends and family. The problem is we tryed setting up a computer that would work kind of like the web tv but just didnt work for her. So we need to be able to hook the web tv up to the wireless internet. I currently Install wireless access points from UBNT Systems. I have a nanostation wireless system that can recieve any wireless signal and carry it into a cat 5 cable to hook up to a pc.

How can I get that same ethernet cable to work with the cat 5 ethernet and somehow convert it into dial-up. I know it is possible so I need some help find what I am looking for.

Links would be great and I have about 2 weeks to get this done.

Thank you

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Hi not sure if I can assist you since I live in Australia,
I dont know what you are holding there? What is it?
A web receiver?
I seriously dont know what these are
 but that's probably only a language barrier as my experience is fairly broad
How did you have it set up before? via a cablebox?
Cat 5 is a network cable( ethernet)  to connect several PC to a router if you like.
You can have a wireless router it supports this cat5 cable
 have 2 cat 5 cables one each way
the wireless router being the internet connection.

At Aged 90 does she really need it?
You could just record some DVD-RW to watch on a regular basis/ this is what I do for my dad 89.
this age they dont watch a lot of TV but rather read a lot -- their time is lost in our world of technology.

(1) if this over the internet then you can use your wireless PC with a TV adapter ?
Once it's connected to the internet you access your Rca Web Tv broadcast via  the web TV receiver
Since they have wireless internet in the aged care facility
(3) find out what the download speeds and limits.
There is lots of free TV online via a standard wireless laptop

What You'll Need
I hope it assists even as ideas only.
Best Wishes

Firstly no offence to Merete, but I think you have got the wrong end of the stick completely!

As I understand from your description and the picture you have included, you have a small box that plugs directly into the TV and using a wireless keyboard you can send emails through the TV. The box itself has a built in modem, and uses this to connect to a phone line and dial up to send the emails. The port on the back of the box looks to be an RJ11 type connector for phone lines, and the CAT5 that you are referring to will be an RJ45 type connector so will not fit.
Sadly the only way you are going to be able to use this box is if you have a dedicated phone line put in. There are alternatives though. The one I have found that allows you to use wireless internet is the MSNTV 2 (note the 2, the original doesn't have wireless support) They are no longer for sale from MSN but they are still supported, the following links may help

I understand though that the problem may not be the ease of replacing the hardware, especially with a 90 year old woman in your ear, saying 'Why can't it be like the old one? I know how to use the old one, I don't like this one, its too different, etc, etc..'

Good luck to you, as it looks like unless you can get a phone line in there, your not going to have much luck!
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi tinystech,
As I see both Merete and mattclarified thinking outside the box with their (and I like them both actually, web-tv as an alternative) suggestions, I'd like to make a straight to the point suggestion which will need no changes on your girlfriends grandmothers end.
I know older people don't like changes in operation (actually, who really does?) so why not make the current system work with modern technologies?
I've searched around for a wireless ATA but haven't been able to find one, if they exist they might make my suggestion even cheaper to install.
What I suggest is creating an analog phoneline with an ATA (for example a Linksys PAP2) and a wireless bridge. Connect the wireless bridge to the available wireless network to create a LAN connection. To this you can connect the ATA.
The ATA will just have to be setup with some VoIP provider, most of them in my area don't charge for landline calls which included most of the dial-up internet providers. I'm not sure how that'll be in your location, but I'm assuming it can't cost much.
In the end, the setup will be that the RM2100 will setup a call through the ATA which is bridged to the internet through the wireless bridge. Both the wireless bridge and the ATA will have to be added, but the end result is that your girlfriends grandmother can use her RM2100 like she used to.
Best regards,
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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Just missed one part of your question, apparently you already have the CAT5 connection available which removes the need for the wireless bridge. Just connect the ATA to the "nanostation wireless system" and use dial-up through there.
tinystechAuthor Commented:
What do you mean ATA?
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Analog telephone adapter. See the link in my comment.
It'll give you the option to create an analog line.

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