Dell laptop replacement display cable - specific part no. needed or will any Dell display cable do?

Recently while using my Vostro 1310 the screen would occasionally show colour distortion (sorry, I don't know how else to describe it!)- that is, from boot-up, the usually-black screen shows a 'hazy' red and when Vista actually loads, there's odd colours in place of what should be there - white is a cyan-ish kind of colour, black is red, etc. After a lot of fiddling about, I've pinpointed the source of the problem, which is the display cable that connects the actual display itself to the motherboard. Reseating the connectors didn't do anything, but I noticed that poking and shifting about the cable itself into certain positions would temporarily fix the problem, so I reasoned that there must be some fraying of the wire inside the insulation. What I'd like to know is if I need to buy a Vostro 1310 replacement display cable, or will other Dell model display cables suffice? I haven't really been able to find anywhere that sells specifically my model's one, and the Dell UK website seems to only sell the entire display, not the cable alone.  Suggestions on where I could buy the cable in the UK would also be useful - any help would be much appreciated!
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Craig BowmanConnect With a Mentor IT Services SupervisorCommented:
there are 2 part numbers for the replacement cable one will be just the standard cable,  the other includes the camera cable

H525C - standard replacement for video cable (vostro 1310)


W704D - standard replacement video cable (vostro 1310) + webcam cable
proadminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd check ebay for the cable. Lots of times folks part our computers that have had bad displays, motherboards, etc. In regards to the cable - you need to know for sure if its the cable or the connection to the board. If indeed it is the cable, any display (brand) cable should suffice. If you have a high end monitor I would suggest going factory all the way. It really all depends on how much you spent on the machine, the age of the machine, and when you plan to upgrade. Additionally, whether or not its worth it to you to spend the money. Cost vs Benefit.

Hope that helps.
try the laptop with an external monitor to test the graphics chip etc if the external monitor works fine then as proadmin says check ebay
dinsjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will probably need one specific to that laptop, im a dell cert systems engineer and i find that dell have a habit of changing the connectors and cabling paths for different models of laptop, but i would also recommend ebay for the purchase
mrneoguyAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for all your comments, I now know what I can to do to rectify the problem. Thanks again!
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